Roy: Even One Suicide is Too Many

RoyEven One Suicide is Too Many: CMSAF James Roy is calling on all Air Force personnel to make a difference in the lives of their fellow airmen and reverse the “devastating trend” of rising suicide rates in the service. “We’ve had a drastic increase this year in the number of suicides among our total force airmen,” writes Roy in the newest iteration of The Enlisted Perspective. “Even one suicide is too many!” he asserts. Roy urges airmen and Air Force civilians at all levels to get involved. “We need to look out for each other. . . . That’s what good wingmen do, and that’s what our Air Force needs,” he writes. And he encourages those in distress to reach out for help. “So many people care about you,” he states, adding, “Just give them a chance. Don’t ever think you are alone or that no one will understand.” (San Antonio release)