Review Fatigue

Northrop Grumman says it recently completed two milestone reviews associated with its bid to build the Air Force’s next-generation GPS ground control segment, known as OCX. In a May 27 release, the company said it, together with its industry partners, conducted both the OCX integrated baseline review and the system requirements review within a matter of weeks. “This was the most comprehensive integrated baseline review of my experience,” said Steve Bergjans, Northrop’s OCX program manager. “The Air Force dug deep, asking hundreds of detailed questions.” Northrop’s team is competing against Raytheon to build the OCX, which will control GPS Block II and future Block III satellites. Both teams are operating under 18-month, $160 million Phase A contracts awarded in November 2007. Raytheon announced the completion of the OCX systems requirements review in March. Lockheed Martin joined Northrop’s team in April.