Retired Special Tactics Airman, Famed for Mogadishu Battle, Buried at Arlington

A former special tactics combat controller who, during the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu, is credited with saving dozens of lives died last year and was recently buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Retired TSgt. Jeffrey Bray, who was awarded the Silver Star for his involvement in the famous battle that inspired the film “Black Hawk Down,” was buried at Arlington on Dec. 30, the Air Force announced on Tuesday. He died Oct. 24 at 49 years old. On Oct. 3, 1993, Bray’s joint service team responded to the crash of the UH-60 in Mogadishu. While under enemy fire, Bray coordinated helicopter fire on targets for hours. Later in his career, Bray was an instructor for his special tactics unit passing along knowledge he used for controlling air support in urban environments. “In Mogadishu, Jeff saved dozens of lives: men who were able to come home and either return to their families or someday start a family of their own,” retired Col. Kurt Buller, a former special tactics officer, said in the release.