Restored B-29 Nearing First Flight

Volunteers completed restoration of the world’s second airworthy B-29 Superfortress, and plan to test-fly the bomber from Wichita, Kan., early this spring, reported the Wichita Eagle. Doc’s restoration team originally hoped to fly the WWII-vintage bomber to last summer’s Experimental Aircraft Association fly-in at Oshkosh, Wis., and is shooting to fly formation with Fifi—the only other flying B-29—at EAA this July. “It’s the first time in 60 years that two B-29s [would be] able to fly in formation together,” restoration project manager T.J. Norman said, according to the press report. “We will make that, no doubt,” he added. The team plans to conduct engine runs and taxi-testing as soon as the weather is warm enough that the B-29 won’t require auxiliary heating. “We had some delays putting in the fuel system, and that was our biggest hold-up,” said program manager Jim Murphy. “Now … we could go outside anytime.” Doc’s first flight it tentatively planned for late April or early May. (Read about Doc’s restoration in Wingman Magazine.)