Reserve Gets Special Anniversary Postmark

Starting today (April 14), a special US Postal Service pictorial cancellation postmark goes into circulation at the post office in Marietta, Ga., to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Air Force Reserve. The post office is offering a mail-back service for those who would like their postage adorned with the cancellation stamp. Click here for instructions. The postmark will be in circulation only through June 14. Maj. Todd Copley, a C-130 navigator with the 700th Airlift Squadron at Dobbins ARB, Ga., designed the postmark in cooperation with the post office. This is the third postmark that Copley, an avid stamp collector, has designed. He created a commemorative postmark in 2007 for the Air Force’s 60th anniversary and one for the 1999 air show at Little Rock AFB, Ark.