Red Horse to the Plow

RED HORSE civil engineers from Andersen AFB, Guam, are engaged in construction projects valued at $31 million across US Central Command’s operational area from Afghanistan to the Middle East, according to Andersen officials. “With the scale of the projects we are currently taking on, we have to be considerably more flexible when executing the developmental stages,” said 554th Red Horse Squadron electrical apprentice SrA. Anthony Pina, one of the deployed airmen, in a Jan. 15 release. The squadron is currently building a new operations center, a large-aircraft cargo ramp, and fuel storage area, in addition to laying new command and control infrastructure and patching runways at eight sites across CENTOM’s area of responsibility. “We are constantly mobilizing equipment, materials and personnel,” added Pina. In less than two months in theater, the 554th RHS has moved more than 100,000 tons of earth, according to unit figures. (Afghanistan report by A1C Marianique Santos)