Red Flag Raptor Milestone

F-22s earlier this month participated in their first multinational Red Flag-Alaska exercise, stated officials from JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. Airmen and F-22s from the joint base’s Active Duty 525th Fighter Squadron and associate Air Force Reserve Command 302nd FS flew 80 sorties during RF-A 12-2, clearing the skies of simulated enemy forces and providing security for Australian, German, Japanese, Polish, and NATO aircraft, according to Elmendorf-Richardson’s June 25 release. “The procedures and standards we set in the exercise will be the benchmark for years to come,” said Lt. Col. Paul Moga, 525th FS commander. He added, “We executed a wide spectrum of missions from defensive counterair to offensive counterair attack operations.” Moga said the most important lessons learned “were all about interoperability with partner nations and the unique capabilities they bring to the fight.” RF-A 12-2 took place in the skies of southcentral Alaska from June 7 to June 22. (Elmendorf-Richardson report by Luke Waack)