Raytheon Selected to Supply Nuclear Communications Terminals

The Air Force chose Raytheon to supply the Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminals that will transmit emergency messages to wing command posts and the bomber, tanker, and reconnaissance aircrews supporting nuclear and nonnuclear strategic missions, announced the company. The terminals, which the Air Force expects to begin fielding in Fiscal 2017, are designed to withstand fallout from a nuclear attack and send and receive the alert messages via Advanced Extremely High Frequency communications satellites, according to a separate Raytheon release. They will support the US nuclear command and control system that allows the President to direct and manage US forces. “Our satellite terminals offer strong connectivity and reliability in the harshest of environments,” said Scott Whatmough, Raytheon’s vice president for integrated communication systems. On Dec 23, the Air Force awarded Raytheon $134.4 million to develop the terminals. The development is expected to conclude by December 2016, followed by production, states the Pentagon’s contract announcement.