Raising Pegasus Pens

Builders are busy erecting three large hangars to house maintenance work on the future KC-46A Pegasus fleet at McConnell AFB, Kan. Workers laid concrete and are planning to raise the steel structure of Hangar 1126—the first of the trio—this week, according to a March 3 base release. “The hangars being built are a lot larger than the previous hangars were to accommodate the larger aircraft,” said MSgt. Danny Rutland, KC-46 integration office maintenance representative. “The major difference is that these hangars have a corrosion facility being built that will have the capability to paint a full aircraft. We have never had that capability here at McConnell before,” he added. The finished facilities will provide cover for up to six KC-46 tankers, and the first two are scheduled for completion by the end of the year. The third building is slated for completion in 2017, shortly after the first aircraft arrives, according to officials.