Putting Eyes on Edward’s Raptor, Maybe Even a Smile

Nine animators from Walt Disney studios recently descended on Edwards AFB, Calif., for a close-up look at the design of modern combat aircraft in order to help them for a possible feature-length animated film. “Research is what fuels our creativity. We came to the source of what’s real . . . to be inspired,” said Disney art director Mike Gabriel. The team made a hands-on inspection of the Flight Test Center Museum’s YF-22 prototype, walked through C-17 and C-130 transports, and took a guided tour of the flight line, including an F-22 briefing. “They wanted to get the essence of what a modern jet fighter looks like,” noted museum curator Fred Johnson. For many on the team, the Nov. 18 visit was their first exposure at a working air base. “I think they got a lot out of it,” said Lt. Col. Francisco Hamm, Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office director. (Edward report by Kate Blais)