Pushing Bytes

The Air Force Test Pilot School announced the new Cyber Systems Test Course as part of its intensive year-long test pilot master’s program at Edwards AFB, Calif. “This is the first course of its kind that includes a disciplined, yet flexible approach to testing cyber intensive systems,” said Col. Noel Zamot, TPS commandant, in explaining the course. “Whether it’s testing . . . the Joint Strike Fighter, the radar signal processer of a Global Hawk, or even a laser targeting pod for the B-1 or F-15 Strike Eagle . . . students will look at systems in a disciplined fashion,” he added. TPS instructors have taught the CSTC three times thus far, including once during the inaugural Enlisted Flight Test Course last month, said school officials May 8. The school plans to expand cyber instruction from the current four-hour class, to anywhere from six hours to a week, said TPS faculty. (Edwards report by Laura Mowry)