Prototype Could Improve ISR Command and Control

Members of the 102nd Air Operations Group from Otis ANGB, Mass., recently tested a new prototype system that could significantly reduce the request time for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets, announced Air Force officials June 4. The Deliberate and Dynamic ISR Management, or D2ISRM, tool allows for more direct machine-to-machine communications, giving operators more time to focus only on the best options available, they said. In fact, the recent operational demonstration conducted with the Air Guardsmen under the auspices of the Electronic Systems Center’s Command and Control Constellation program showed that D2ISRM cut the total request cycle for ISR assets by an average of 85 percent, according to the officials. “With D2ISRM, we’re trying to give [operators] better tools to allow for some semi-automatic decision-making that helps reduce stress and non-value-added work,” said Perry Villanueva, C2 Constellation program manager at Hanscom AFB, Mass. (Hanscom report by Patty Walsh)