Proper Recognition, Albeit Delayed

William Norred, a B-26 bomber pilot in World War II, received a posthumous Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor April 13 during a ceremony in Greenville, Ala. Lt. Gen. Allen Peck, Air University commander, presented the award to Norred’s widow Doris. The DFC recognizes Norred, who died last August, for his heroism and outstanding skills during a bombing mission over the Rizzo Airdrome, Sicily, on June 15, 1943. According to his citation, the then-captain “contributed singularly” to the success of a B-26 raid when he continued to lead his formation, despite damage to his aircraft from intense anti-aircraft fire, to complete a “devastating” bombing run. He then outmaneuvered 12 enemy fighters that pounced upon his unescorted aircraft. Last December, the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records reviewed Norred’s records and corrected his case by directing that he be awarded the DFC. “This ceremony represents justice delayed, but justice done,” Peck told Mrs. Norred. She said, “I know my husband is looking down, a little embarrassed perhaps, but pleased with this. I can only think of two words to say, ‘Thank you.’” (Maxwell report by Carl Bergquist)