Pilot Identified in Fatal F-15 Crash

The 65th Aggressor Squadron pilot who died in the July 30 crash of an F-15D at Nellis AFB, Nev., was Lt. Col. Thomas Bouley, the commander of the squadron. The other pilot on the two-seat fighter was an Royal Air Force exchange officer is in stable condition, but his name is being withheld, said Col. Russ Handy, 57th Wing commander, during a July 31 press conference. He noted that the RAF pilot, who he said is working with the accident investigation board, has “extensive Royal Air Force Tornado F-3 experience and is now fully qualified in the F-16.” Handy added that he had just begun his tour with the 65th AGRS. Of Bouley, Handy said, “he was a decorated warrior, an inspiring leader of airmen, and a loving father and husband. He served his country with distinction and will be greatly missed.” Bouley had served for 20 years and amassed 4,500 flying hours in the F-15, RAF F-3, and T-38. The accident took place during a Red Flag training exercise, which was continuing without the participation of the 65th AGRS and the 64th AGRS. According to a July 31 Nellis release, the 64th would resume operations Friday (Aug. 1) and the 65th on Aug. 4. (Nellis report by A1C Ryan Whitney)