Pentagon Investigating Possible Attack on MQ-9 Reaper

An MQ-9 Reaper flies a training mission over the Nevada Test and Training Range on July 15, 2019. Air Force photo by A1C William Rio Rosado.

The military is investigating reports that the armed Houthi movement attacked an MQ-9 Reaper in Yemen, a US Central Command spokesman confirmed Aug. 21.

“We have been clear that Iran’s provocative actions and support to militants and proxies, like the Iranian-backed Houthis, poses a serious threat to stability in the region and our partners,” Army Lt. Col. Earl Brown said.

Brown declined to answer who was flying the remotely piloted aircraft during the alleged attack or whether it was armed.

Houthi rebels, a party of the Yemeni civil war that opposes Yemeni government, Saudi Arabian, and US forces, are also said to have downed a US drone in June.