Part of the Package

Gen. Norton Schwartz, USAF Chief of Staff, told lawmakers last week that the report destined for Congress “shortly” (see above Getting “Comfortable” with JCA) would also address the C-27 vs. C-130 employment issue. He acknowledged that US Central Command had been contracting airlift in Afghanistan to provide some low-altitude, low-speed airdrop, delivering bundles to remote locations, but he expects the C-27J “will probably address some of that, [and] our other aircraft, including C-130s and C-17s will certainly address the rest.” Schwartz said that USAF and the Army “are completely in agreement with the way forward” for delivery to the last tactical mile. He added that Air Force aircrews are “prepared and trained to do direct support whenever the Army requires it.” (See Army Cedes “Last Tactical Mile”)