Pakistan Air Bridge Ends

Two Air Force C-130s delivered a final load of humanitarian supplies from Chaklala to the Skardu Airport in Northern Pakistan earlier this week. This marked the end of USAF fixed-wing cargo flights moving aid to the victims of Pakistan’s severe flooding. USAF C-130s and C-17s brought in more than 5.5 million pounds of the total relief supplies delivered between end of July when the flights began and the final sorties to Skardu on Oct. 3. The Pakistan government requested the cessation since the focus of the relief efforts has shifted to ground distribution of aid. However, US military helicopters continue to support the relief efforts as do US civilian agencies. Further, an Air Force contingency response element is still helping to distribute aid from Pakistan Air Force Base Chaklala, according to service officials. (Chaklala report by SSgt. Kali L. Gradishar)