Open’s the Cool Thing to Do

Lockheed Martin recently flight tested seven new open architecture sensors on a U-2 Dragonlady in less than three months as part of the Air Force’s effort to move to common interface and rapidly interchangeable payloads, the company announced. “This demonstration focused on communications relay capabilities and dynamic weapon retargeting within an [open mission systems] integration methodology,” Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Director John Clark said in a release. “This demonstration showed our ability to integrate mission capability rapidly and affordably,” he added. The U-2 acted as a relay platform between an F-22, F-18, a simulated anti-ship missile, and ground terminals, permitting in-flight retargeting of the weapon, according to the release. Northrop Grumman demonstrated similar OMS compatible capabilities on a B-2 bomber, linking to an ISR aircraft and ground station back in June.