Obama Awards Medals of Honor

President Obama on Monday posthumously awarded Medals of Honor to Pfc. Anthony Kaho’ohanohano and Pfc. Henry Svehla, who gave their lives in extraordinary acts of heroism during the Korean War. “Tony and Henry stand as a model of courage and patriotism,” said Obama during the White House award ceremony. Kaho’ohanohano’s squad came up against ferocious enemy attack near the village called Chupa-ri on Sept. 1, 1951. The 21-year-old Hawaii native ordered his squad to fall back while he stood his ground and provided covering fire. When his ammunition ran out, he engaged the enemy hand to hand until they overran his position. “He had saved the lives of his men,” said the President. Svehla, a New Jersey native, was a 19-year-old rifleman on June 12, 1952, when his company came under withering fire near a hilltop. He charged ahead despite the hail of bullets. When an enemy grenade landed among his men, Svehla threw himself on the grenade. “With his sacrifice, he saved the lives of his fellow soldiers,” said Obama. Family members of both soldiers accepted the medals. (Obama remarks) (White House blog entry with video of event) (See also our initial coverage)