Obama Releases New Security Strategy

President Obama on Feb. 6 unveiled a broad-based security vision spanning everything from strengthening regional defense alliances to reducing carbon emission. The 2015 national security strategy “wisely calls for drawing on all the sources of our national power—including the unrivaled strength and resilience of America’s economy, diplomacy, and military, as well as our values,” said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in a statement. The White House factsheet laying out the principles of the strategy calls for “maintaining a national defense that is the best trained, equipped, and led force in the world” and ending the “draconian cuts imposed by sequestration.” The document, which calls “a strong military” the “bedrock of our national security, acknowledges the strain on the force after more than a decade of war and promises to “maintain our military edge and readiness” by making “necessary investment in our military forces and their families.” It also emphasizes the importance of “modernizing the NATO Alliance to meet emerging threats.” Obama’s reiterates his call for “a world without nuclear weapons,” highlighting the importance of “preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.” The administration aims to shift to what it calls a “sustainable global security posture,” relying heavily on allies and partners, to “keep pressure” on groups such as ISIS and al Qaeda. (Read the full document; Caution, large-sized file.)