Obama Opposes Syria No-Fly, Safe Zone

President Obama on Monday reiterated his position that the US is not interested in setting up a no-fly zone or safe zone on the Turkish border with Syria, an idea floated by several lawmakers and Turkish officials. Obama, during a press conference at the G20 Summit in Turkey, said that while those calling for a no-fly zone or safe zone “are well meaning,” those options are not on the table for the US at this time. A safe zone would require extensive planning and discussion, and it has been determined it would be counterproductive. “Who would come in, who could come out of that safe zone; how would it work; would it become a magnet for further terrorist attacks; and how many personnel would be required, and how would it end? There’s a whole set of questions that have to be answered there,” Obama said. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said last week he is pushing for a no-fly zone, and that allies are warming to the idea. Coalition spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren, however, said on Nov. 13 that it is “not the right time for a safe zone or a no-fly zone.” (See also Senators Push for Syria No-Fly Zone.)