Nuclear Weapons Program Graduates First Class

The first class recently graduated from the Air Force’s new graduate-level nuclear weapons certification program, announced Air Force Global Strike Command officials. The initial group of 15 graduates included CMSgt. Brian Hornback, AFGSC command chief, according to an Aug. 17 command release. The Air Force Institute of Technology announced the program last November, states the release. “For us to determine or define nuclear experts, we have to first get them the education and professionally develop them so that they understand all the nuances of being a professional in the nuclear enterprise,” said Hornback. The program is a distance-learning initiative that consists of three, 10-week classes that students have up to two years to complete. It is designed to provide them with a solid understanding of nuclear weapon effects, nuclear weapon proliferation, and an extensive understanding of nuclear strategy and policy, states the release. The next session is scheduled to start on Oct.1. (Barksdale report by Joseph Murray)