NRO Selects 2010 Class of Pioneers

The National Reconnaissance Office has named its 2010 class of pioneers, honoring three men for their significant and lasting contributions to national reconnaissance. They are: Robert Dumais, retired Brig. Gen. Jack Gibbs (deceased), and retired Col. Randy Randazzo (deceased). Dumais showed the intelligence utility of a new capability for an imaging satellite system that improved the quality of imagery products. Gibbs helped introduce innovative engineering techniques to U-2 operations that resulted in the effective use of high-altitude airborne reconnaissance for intelligence collection over denied areas during the Cold War. Randazzo was responsible for the introduction and application of new operational techniques for NRO imaging systems. NRO Director Bruce Carlson honored these three men during a ceremony last month. They join 77 other pioneers, each with a commemorative plaque on permanent display, in the Pioneer Hall at NRO headquarters in Chantilly, Va. (Chantilly release)