No Wavering on KC-X Incident

The Defense Department remains convinced that the Air Force’s inadvertent release of confidential data to the two KC-X tanker bidders does not impeach the fair and open process of selecting the winner, said Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell Wednesday. “[I]t was unfortunate. It was a mistake. But ultimately, the forensics that were done have assured us that it did not result in any proprietary or consequential information being unfairly shared,” he said during a press briefing. Morrell’s words came on the eve of the Senate Armed Services Committee’s scheduled hearing to discuss the results of the Pentagon’s investigation into the incident, which occurred back in November. Testifying are: Maj. Gen. Wendy Masiello, a contracting expert who oversees USAF’s acquisition of services, and Steven Shirley, executive director of DOD’s Cyber Crime Center. Boeing and EADS North America are vying to supply the new KC-X tankers. (Morrell transcript)