Not Quite There

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said Wednesday defense officials were still preparing the final version of the KC-X tanker solicitation, which he anticipated would hit the streets “hopefully” by the end of January or early February. While he said it’s “safe to say” there will be some changes in the draft language, “correcting mistakes and altering the acquisition strategy a bit,” they “should not be construed as any attempt to favor anybody.” Northrop Grumman last month put the Pentagon on notice that it would not submit a bid unless substantive changes were made to the solicitation, which the company contends, in draft form, places it at a competitive disadvantage against rival Boeing. Morrell said he hoped that Northrop would reconsider once the final RFP is out so that there is “a full and hardy and thorough competition.” After all, he noted, “It’s a very, very lucrative contract.”(Morrell transcript)