Not a Bonus Boeing

Boeing has amended the comments of its KC-46 program manager that the 767-2C—a redesigned 767-200ER that will form the basis of the Air Force’s new KC-46A tanker—would be offered as a civil aircraft. Maureen Dougherty “shouldn’t have given the impression this would be a commercial product,” said Boeing spokesman Damien Mills on June 14, the day following Dougherty’s comments to the Daily Report. The Air Force is indeed paying to design and develop the 767-2C, but “there is only one customer” for the airplane, and that’s the Air Force, said Mills. Though the 767-2C design will be “added to the Boeing product book,” there would be considerable work necessary to make it “part of our catalog” available to commercial customers, added Mills. He said it would be “speculation” to assume the 2C represents the basis of a new and improved 767 product line. Boeing also noted that while it will test-fly two 2C aircraft in order to obtain an amended type certification from the FAA, the company will have converted them to the full tanker configuration by the time they are officially delivered to the Air Force. All four test airframes in the KC-46 program are destined to serve as operational aircraft.