Northeast Meets Central Asia

Nearly 30 security force members of the New York Air National Guard assigned to the Northeast Air Defense Sector of 1st Air Force at Rome, N.Y., returned in March from a six-month tour to Manas AB, Kyrgyzstan, that began in September 2007, according to an April 15 NEADS release. It was the unit’s largest deployment ever; the group, along with other Guard units, formed the first-ever all Guard security force team at Manas. While there the New York ANG personnel provided force protection for the 376th Expeditionary Wing at the base, which is the principal mobility hub for operations in Afghanistan. These airmen also helped the local community of Oktyabra’skoe near the base with tasks such as providing coal for schools and instructing local security personnel in the use of trained dogs. (NEADS report by Brooke Davis)