NORTHCOM’s “Campaign Framework”

US Northern Command, backing Mexico’s forces against violent drug traffickers, has devised a broad plan for the effort, says its commander. Adm. James Winnefeld last week told a National Homeland Defense Foundation conference in Colorado Springs, Colo., that he has presented for US interagency review “the outline of a campaign framework by which we can approach this problem.” It takes into account not only the US-Mexico border, but also Mexico’s southern border, its seaward approaches, and Central and South America. He provided few details during his Oct. 29 remarks, but noted, “I would tell you candidly that I believe the decisive theaters in this struggle are inside the United States, and inside Mexico. We have to get a handle on weapons and money flowing south in Mexico. We also need to get a handle on our own drug demand, and, at the same time, we need to help our partners.”