No More Waiting Game

Bombings rocked Afghanistan’s capital city last week as coalition and Afghan forces signed agreements allowing troops to remain in country following the end of combat operations this year. However, at least 10 attacks targeting foreigners over the last two weeks have left “scores dead,” reported Business Week. “The Taliban’s increasing attacks relate to the signing of the security pacts,” said Siddiq Siddiqi, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, according to Bloomberg report. “The signings have intensified their anger as the presence of foreign troops has always been opposed by the Taliban.” The Afghan Parliament overwhelmingly approved the long-awaited bilateral security agreement and the NATO status of forces agreement on Nov. 27. The White House said the agreements “represent an invitation from the Afghan people to strengthen the relationship we have built over the past 13 years.” US leaders applauded the new Afghan government for its “tireless efforts to form a representative, inclusive, and smoothly functioning government,” according to a White House statement. “The BSA fully implements the strategic partnership agreement that our two governments signed in May 2012 and enables our long-term cooperation to promote the security, stability, and unity of Afghanistan. This also contributes to the security of the United States and our coalition partners, and to the stability of the region.”