Niagara Implements Trainee Program

The 914th Airlift Wing at Niagara Falls ARS, N.Y., recently became the latest Air Force Reserve Command unit to stand up a development and training flight to prepare new accessions for basic military training. “As soon as a member enlists [until] the time they leave for basic training, they come in and drill on the Saturday of the unit training assembly,” said TSgt. Alexander Pacheco, non-commissioned officer in charge of the new flight, in the wing’s Oct. 18 release. AFRC last year pioneered the program at a handful of bases to give enlistees a background in everything from customs and courtesy to dress standards. “I think that is going to cut back on the [delayed enlistment program] discharges and cut down on the people who aren’t making it through basic and tech school,” noted Pacheco. (Niagara report by SSgt. Andrew Caya)