New Priorities

On Monday, Acting Air Force Secretary Michael B. Donley spelled out the top priorities for the Air Force in the months before a new Administration takes office. Speaking at AFA’s Air & Space Conference in Washington, Donley said the top priority will be an overhaul of the service’s nuclear posture; possibly to include a new organization that would focus solely on the nuclear mission. Second will be to continue to prosecute the war on terror; third, to take care of airmen and their families; and last, to “modernize our aging air and space fleet.” Donley also said numerous reviews and studies are underway to build portfolios of options for the next Administration on a host of issues, all of which need quick attention. Without reciting the litany of top-level firings, acquisition missteps and leadership reshuffling USAF has experienced in the last few months, Donley dryly opened his remarks by noting: “It was an interesting summer.”