New Intel Center Established

DOD on Aug. 4 activated a new defense counterintelligence and human intelligence center under the Defense Intelligence Agency and simultaneously stood down its controversial counterintelligence field activity that was formed in the wake of 9/11. In a statement, DOD said CIFA’s resources and responsibilities will be folded into the new center and married with DIA’s longstanding counterintelligence and Humint capabilities. Creation of the center came after internal Pentagon assessments “identified substantial benefits” of more closely aligning CIFA functions with DIA’s Humint and counterintelligence activities, according to the statement. However, CIFA’s former law enforcement activities do not transfer to the center and, as such, the center will have no law enforcement function. CIFA was established in early 2002 to keep tabs on individuals considered threats to military installations and personnel. Its Talon database attracted the ire of members of Congress and civil liberties advocates after the revelation that it contained information on US antiwar protesters, including Quakers, even though they posed no security danger, Reuters news wire service reported Aug. 4. Talon was ended in 2007 as a result of the outcry, according to Reuters.