New Evaluation Forms Hit the Streets

The Air Force is launching the Airman Comprehensive Assessment process, issuing new performance-evaluation forms for officers and enlisted personnel that take effect on July 1. The new feedback forms are meant to facilitate “a purposeful dialogue between supervisors and the airmen they lead,” stated Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh and CMSAF James Cody in announcing the initiative. ACA is designed to foster “open, more in-depth, two-way communication between rater and ratee and include a self-assessment, a detailed evaluation of expected and/or current performance, and specific discussion areas/questions, like personal finances and relationships,” states a June 9 release from Air Combat Command. Form 931, for airman basic through technical sergeant, and Form 932, for master sergeant through chief master sergeant, replace the current versions of the performance feedback forms for enlisted airmen, while Form 724 supplants the current version of the officer performance feedback document. (Washington, D.C., report, including links to forms, by SSgt. Carlin Leslie) (See also Air Force Instruction 36-2406 that outlines these changes; caution, large-sized file.)