New Designations, Same Cyber Mission

The Air Force has redesignated the 67th Network Warfare Wing and the 688th Information Operations Wing, both at JBSA-Lackland, Tex., as the 67th Cyberspace Wing and 688th Cyberspace Wing, respectively. These units fall under 24th Air Force, the service’s cyber operations arm, headquartered at Lackland. “Throughout the Air Force, you have fighter wings, bomber wings, and training wings,” said Gregory Ball, 24th AF command historian, in a release from the numbered air force. “Renaming these units as ‘cyberspace wings’ is a logical step, since it says very clearly what we do,” he said. The name change became official on Sept. 13 for the 688th Cyberspace Wing. It becomes official on Oct. 1 for the 67th Cyberspace Wing. (Lackland report by 2nd Lt. Meredith Hein)