NCO Rebalancing Moves to Non-volunteers

The Air Force on Monday entered phase II of its effort to rebalance the noncommissioned officer force through retraining to ensure that all its career fields are properly manned. This phase entails the retraining of more than 300 non-volunteers. It builds upon phase I, during which more than 700 airmen volunteered for retraining. MSgt. Dee Mathis, Air Force Personnel Center’s superintendent of enlisted retraining, said the airmen selected for retraining “cannot decline retraining” or they will “face separation” from the service. (USAF already announced cuts for next year.) She said the service would work with selected airmen “to make the transition as smooth as possible for the airmen and their families, while still meeting the needs of the Air Force.” Phase II will end when retraining quotas are met, or on Feb. 1, whichever comes first, according to AFPC. (Randolph report by April Rowden)