Nations Come Together on Aeromedical Evacuation

Air Force Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Charles Green, along with the surgeons general of Australia, Britain, and Canada, signed an “Interfly” proclamation of understanding that will promote the interoperability of aeromedical evacuation assets between the nations, according to a release from Green’s office. “This is a great move forward in our joint partnership,” stated Green in the May 22 release. The proclamation conveys the desire for compatible training, equipment, and procedures so that aeromedical evacuation teams from these nations may support each other on the same aircraft where operational circumstances require it. “They train alike, they understand the same critical care aspects, they understand aeromedical evacuation aspects,” said Green. He added, “This will facilitate future training exercises and will serve all of our nations well.” The four surgeons general signed the proclamation on May 14 during an aerospace medical conference in Atlanta. (Washington, D.C., report by Jon Stock)