Nabbed in 15

An Alarm Response Team detained the man who climbed the fence around an ICBM launch facility near Parshall, N.D., within 15 minutes of first observing him after he set off the LF’s alarm on April 15. Security forces from Minot AFB, N.D., observed the man, later identified as James Sauder from San Antonio, via video surveillance the entire time. The Security Forces, which turned Sauder over to the Mountrail County Sheriff, “performed like clockwork,” said Maj. Tamara Mayer, 91st Missile Security Forces Squadron commander. The FBI and Air Force Office of Special Investigation launched a joint investigation; 91st Missile Wing operations and maintenance personnel checked the site, which officials said had remained secure throughout the incident; and Minot’s explosive ordnance disposal technicians checked the man’s vehicle parked at the LF site entrance. The Minot Daily News reports that Sauder’s trial for trespass is set for May 21. (Minot report by Laurie Arellano; also see earlier Minot Daily News report)