MP-RTIP Sensor Arrives at Edwards

Northrop Grumman has delivered the first production Multi-Platform Radar Technology Insertion Program sensor to Edwards AFB, Calif., for integration on AF-18, the Air Force’s first Global Hawk Block 40 remotely piloted aircraft. The first flight of the mated pair is scheduled to occur by early 2011. “We are currently on track leading up to first flight and look forward to meeting all upcoming milestones to ensure we provide this critical resource to the warfighter as quickly as possible,” said George Guerra, Northrop’s lead for high-altitude, long-endurance programs, in the company’s release. AF-18 this summer completed envelope-expansion flights at Edwards in preparation for the sensor’s arrival. MP-RTIP is able to detect multiple stopped, slow, and fast-moving objects on the ground in any weather, day or night, greatly enhancing situational awareness for the joint force, according to the company. Northrop and Raytheon jointly produce the sensor.