More Bomber Rotations to Australia

Pacific Air Forces is looking at expanding its B-52 bomber rotations to Australia, which may require some infrastructure improvements to Australian air bases, Gen. Hawk Carlisle told Air Force Magazine. “Our intention is not to be there continuously,” but rather as part of regular exercises, or as part of a contingency response with Australia, said Carlisle on Sept. 15. The two nations are looking at RAAF Brisbane and RAAF Tindal in northern Australia and are examining leaving some support equipment in place for arriving bombers, he said. “And we’re looking at some facility improvements that we may have to do,” said Carlisle. The improvements would be relatively minor, including some additional ramp space, storage, and some housing facilities, with the costs shared between the two countries, he said. B-2s might also deploy to Australia. The increased bomber rotations are covered under the updated force-posture agreement that the two countries signed in August.