MOH Recipients Unite to Help Today’s Warriors

Twenty-eight Medal of Honor awardees, dating back to World War II, have come together to sponsor the “Medal of Honor-Speak Out” campaign to encourage US military personnel struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, and other health problems to seek help. They are encouraging individuals to make use of the service now available and to remain strong. “The tools and resources are there now. Please make use of them,” said retired Air Force Col. Bud Day, who received the Medal of Honor for valor in Vietnam. “I know firsthand the challenges of war,” said former Army SSgt. Drew Dix, who also received the Medal of Honor for his service in Vietnam. He added, “Your experiences in combat are so powerful that very few will or can understand what you went through.” (AFPS report by Donna Miles) (MOH-Speak Out Web site)