Misawa Falcons Resume Flight Operations

F-16s at Misawa AB, Japan, took to the air again on July 26 after 35th Fighter Wing leadership lifted a temporary safety standdown to inspect the base’s F-16s after one of them crashed in the Pacific Ocean on July 22. “Flight safety continues to be our main concern, and the 35th FW has completed a thorough inspection of all F-16s,” stated 35th FW Vice Commander Col. Van Wimmer in a July 26 base release. “To further ensure our commitment to safety, all F-16 pilots were briefed on long-duration mission and egress procedures,” with an emphasis on extended over-water flights, he added. In addition to the physical review of the F-16s, 35th FW investigators interviewed pilots and maintainers, and reviewed aircraft maintenance records to verify confidence in unit practices. Pacific Air Forces investigators were scheduled to arrive at Misawa on July 26 as part of the official inquest into the mishap, according to the release. (Includes Misawa report by 2nd Lt. Son Lee)