Medics Conduct New Type of Training

Air Force medics assigned to the Aerospace School of Medicine conducted training in Krivolak, Macedonia, to hone their skills to respond as an initial contingency response team, or ICRT, worldwide during a crisis or contingency. This medical exercise marked the first time that USAF medics have participated in this type of training, according to the event’s organizers. “We have brought the students out to Krivolak to simulate them forward deploying from Pepelishte, Bulgaria, to respond to a natural disaster,” said Maj. Steven Keifer, an ICRT officer at the school, which is located at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. During the June 10 training, a preventative medicine team, a mobile field surgical team, and an expeditionary critical care team treated patients with mock injuries. (Krivolak report by SSgt. Nadine Barclay)