McDew Hands off to Everhart at AMC

The new head of Air Mobility Command, Gen. Carlton Everhart, assumed command of AMC at an Aug. 11 ceremony at Scott AFB, Ill. Everhart took over AMC from Gen. Darren McDew, who will be the next commander of US Transportation Command. Everhart previously served as commander of 18th Air Force at Scott. McDew, who had been in command of AMC since May 2014, will oversee the Department ?of Defense’s global movement of material and personnel. “I’ve always had a sense of pride in the airmen I have led as I leave command … and that could not be more true today,” McDew said at the ceremony, according to AMC’s official Twitter feed. McDew takes over TRANSCOM from Gen. Paul Selva, whom the Senate recently confirmed to be the new vice ch?airman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.