McCain: We are Not Winning Anti-ISIS Campaign

The President’s strategy to defeat ISIS demonstrates “a disturbing degree of self-delusion,” said Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday. “It’s right, but ultimately irrelevant, to point out, as the President did, that we have conducted thousands of airstrikes, taken out many ISIL fighters and much equipment, and pushed it out of some territory,” said McCain. “None of the so-called progress that the President cited suggests that we are on a path to success.” The terrorist organization continues to gain ground in Iraq and Syria, it has been successful in radicalizing people across the globe, and is expanding across the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia, noted McCain. “Our means and our current level of effort are not aligned with our ends. That suggests we are not winning, and when you’re not winning, you are losing,” said McCain. Ranking member Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) acknowledged the threat posed by ISIS, but said the American people are “wary” about “being thrown deeper into a seemingly intractable conflict.” Carter stood by the President, saying the strategy “integrates all the nation’s strengths and instruments of power.”