Looming Paycheck IOUs

The Air Force will not be “able to make payroll” for the last pay period of Fiscal 2011 without enacted appropriations for the remainder of the fiscal year, Secretary Michael Donley told reporters Tuesday in Washington, D.C. Donley said the 1.4-percent military pay raise for Fiscal 2011 was “authorized” and the service has “been spending that, but it’s not funded” with an appropriation. Congress is still debating how to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year, which is already half over. Continuing resolutions have kept government operations going, including Defense Department activities. It’s not certain if Congress will spare the Pentagon from cuts for the rest of the fiscal year. The Air Force is covering the unanticipated costs of Japan relief and now the Libyan no-fly zone operation with money from operations and maintenance accounts. Donley said without additional funds to pay for those, the Air Force is “at further jeopardy through the year.”