Looking Beyond GPS IIIA

Lockheed Martin’s industry team has successfully completed the system requirements review for the Air Force’s Global Positioning System Block IIIB satellite, the company announced Monday. The recent, two-day review took place at Lockheed’s facilities in Valley Forge, Pa., with more than 170 participants from the Air Force and industry. “Lockheed Martin demonstrated to the government that the team is working to a solid requirements baseline,” said Lt. Col. Don Frew, the Air Force’s GPS Block III squadron commander. Lockheed’s team is under contract to build up to 12 GPS Block IIIA satellites, with first launch projected for 2014. As part of its contract, Lockheed Martin is also maturing designs for follow-on IIIB and IIIC satellite increments. The Block IIIB design will add satellite cross links, making command and control of the constellation easier.