Long-Range Thinking

Lockheed Martin and Sensis have each won 20-month contracts to develop prototypes of the new three-dimensional long-range radar (3DLRR) that the Air Force wants to replace its TPS-75 radar inventory. Lockheed Martin received work valued at up to $24.9 million, while Sensis netted a $21.9 million deal. Following this technical development phase, the Air Force is expected to choose one of the team’s designs around 2011 to pursue into production. The service envisions using 3DELRR for long-range surveillance, control of aircraft, and theater ballistic missile detection. Lockheed said in a release yesterday that it brings its “years of experience in developing transportable long-range radars” to the competition. Sensis said in its May 26 statement that its proposal involves “an entirely new radar system from the ground-up,” meaning it is tailored exactly to the requirements for 3DELRR. Sensis, based in East Syracuse, N.Y., is teamed with Raytheon and Moog for this project. The Air Force actually let the contracts on May 12.