Lockheed, ARINC partner for Air Force Radar Competition

Lockheed Martin has announced that it has partnered with ARINC of Annapolis, Md., to compete for the rights to supply the Air Force’s Deployable Radar Approach Control system. Air Force officials envision D-RAPCON as a deployable radar system for establishing airfield operations rapidly at any forward location during military operations or disaster-relief activities. Lockheed will serve in the prime role and provide a version of its TPS-79 tactical surveillance radar. ARINC will supply the system’s transportable air traffic control operations shelter. “As long-term leaders in the aviation industry, Lockheed Martin and ARINC specifically bring more than 50 years of tactical radar and air traffic control innovation to this project,” said Paul Goulette, director of Lockheed’s air traffic control radar systems. Air Force officials have spoken in the past of procuring up to 19 D-RAPCON systems by around the middle of next decade.