Lockheed Moves to Acquire Cyber Firm

Lockheed Martin intends to acquire a leading cyber security firm that focuses on protecting companies with critical infrastructure assets, from oil and gas pipelines to power grid operations, announced Lockheed Martin. The acquisition is slated for completion within 30 days, states the release. Industrial Defender’s performance in the field of cyber security for critical infrastructure is a “natural extension” of Lockheed Martin’s commercial cyber security business, CEO Marillyn Hewson said. “Their experience in addressing cyber threats to industrial control systems complements our information technology cyber security expertise and strengthens the value we deliver to our customers,” she said. Industrial Defender, which has approximately 130 employees across three facilities, has a suite of products and services dedicated to reducing cyber risks and enhancing efficiency. They also are capable of managing the availability, reliability, and security of power grids, chemical facilities, oil and gas pipelines, and other businesses in 25 countries, states the release.