Lockheed Martin Gets $328 Million Award for F-35 Components

The Pentagon on Nov. 26 awarded Lockheed Martin a $327.95 million contract for “long lead” material, parts, and components for Air Force F-35s in advance of the anticipated Lot 15 award.

The advance acquisition contract covers components for the expected 48 F-35As for the Air Force, with work expected to be completed in June 2023, according to the Defense Department announcement.

Also on Nov. 26, Lockheed received another $831 million for the production and delivery of 15 Lot 14 F-35As and associated equipment for Australia. This contract covers work expected to be completed by March 2023.

The awards come about one month after Lockheed received about $34 billion for 478 F-35s as part of a Lot 12-14 multinational contract. Under that contract, cost for an individual F-35A is expected to fall below $80 million each for the first time. When announcing that award, Defense Department officials did not provide a timeline for the Lot 15 award.